RSS and Wasatch CAPS
Jumpstarting careers with real-world experience in business end engineering.
The Wasatch Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) is a partnership between Wasatch High School students, local business, and industry mentors. CAPS students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills by working in collaborative groups to complete real-world projects while being mentored by industry partners.
The Rooftop Sleeper Support was developed by rooftop professionals as part of the CAPS program. CAPS gives back to our community by providing unique opportunities to students, accelerating their careers and helping them find their passions. RSS also benefits from student involvement, as fresh perspectives often help the product meet the needs of more users and help companies reach more buyers.
CAPS students compete nationally, showcasing the work they do for case firms, and often win state and national awards at Skills USA, the International Science Fair, and the Lassonde Entrepreneuship Challenge.